How far along? 27.5 weeks

Bedrest so far: hah- rest!!! that’s a big friggin not happening. I put my feet up a lot lately. It seems I have about one useful hour a day where I can accomplish something, the rest of the time I just want to sleep.

Total weight gain/loss:  I haven’t weighed myself since the OB…

G.D. : FAIL… not surprised!! I was insulin dependent last time- the odds of NOT having diabeetus this time around were pretty much nil. Picked up a super nerd-tastic glucometer though! 😀

Cervical Length?: see the doc next week, I’m pretty sure he’s making me have another u/s that day to check on the ol ‘vix….

Labor signs: feels like babe’s head is in my cooter… other than that, just braxton hicks

Medications?: prenatals, iron supplement, soon to be insulin

Sleep:  there can never be enough. I could seriously nap for most of the day and still want to go to bed by 8pm…

Best moment this week: do I have to pick just one?? Our cat had kittens on mother’s day- the babies’ eyes have just opened and they are soooo snuggly!!! We also got the painting done in the nursery- just need to do another quick coat since the damn blue stripes that had been painted by the previous owners were just so damn dark that two coats of primer and one coat of paint STILL didn’t completely cover them!! I picked up the decals for the walls- it’s all going to look just so gorgeous when it’s done!

Worst Moment this week:   my oldest has once again returned to fuckwad’s fantasyland of fun in her brain… my ex- who hasn’t paid child support in a year and a half- has filled her head with how wonderful life is now that he once again has a girlfriend. So ONCE AGAIN I am dealing with a kid with oppositional defiant disorder who thinks that she can just go live with daddy since things “suck” at home. She is actually to the point of being outwardly abusive towards me and her little sister- I’m sincerely tempted to fly her ass back to manitoba to her father and tell him- he fucked her up, HE can spend the next 7 years fixing her. At this point, if the violence towards her younger sibling doesn’t stop- it’s going to be that, or we place her in a group home for kids with her kinds of issues. Full of the suck!

Movement:  I think this kid has like, 15 limbs…

Food cravings/aversions:   spicy foods and steak still. The occasional sweet craving too.

Belly Button in or out?: what belly button?? lol.. it’s flattening more and more and looks really really weird- all discolored and stuff from the puncture wound.

Gender: octopus with a penis

What I miss:  the good ol’ days when my ex was in a mental inpatient program and my oldest child would fucking BEHAVE because she didn’t constantly have her father encouraging her disrespect towards me and my husband or feeding into her delusional fantasies of how *AWESOME* life is when you are an ambitionless fucking deadbeat piece of shit.

What I am looking forward to:  being done with this pregnancy… I’m content to wait- I want to hit at LEAST 37 weeks… but yeah, I’m done!

Weekly Wisdom:   murder is still illegal- even if you’re almost 100% certain you could claim temporary insanity

Symptoms:  BH’s; lower back pain; pressure in teh v@gina; return of the all-day-neverending epic fucking nausea