How far along? 28 ish- 29 according to the U/S tech today- babe is measuring 30 +2

Bedrest so far: yep.. you read that right… my ass be on the bedrest as of today. 😦

Total weight gain/loss:  down 2 lbs since my last OB appt three weeks ago… seems the only time I can successfully lose weight is when I’m pregnant. I win.

G.D. : doing great so far- sugar levels have all been awesome! I’d knife someone for a sweet now and then though- I’ve been really good at avoiding them, except for the wee bit of homemade apple crisp and ice cream last week.. and my sugars were fine afterwards. I’m assuming that the reason I’ve had such great levels this time around is due to the lack of bedrest- so far no more insulin this time. We’ll see what my readings are like now that I’m not allowed off my couch except to go to bed…

Cervical Length?:  fuck you asshole cervix. I hate you… 1.9cm… I wish that was a fucking typo

Labor signs: I’ve had a couple contractions… apparently they did more damage than I thought… I wasn’t worried… but I am now!

Medications?: prenatals, iron supplements

Sleep:  pretty sure I’ll be getting more now than I ever wanted.. last time I was on bedrest I pretty much just napped at will because there was nothing else to do…. here’s to naps!

Best moment this week: snuggling sweet sweet 2 week old baby kittens… they are sooooooooooo friggin cute!!! also seeing the chubby chubby cheeks on my little man-child.

Worst Moment this week:   U/S and finding out how short my cervix is… It was like someone sucker punched me in the guts.

Movement:  he seems to have inherited his sister’s “pokey” addiction… it’s constant… pokey pokey pokey!

Food cravings/aversions:   today I want cheesecake… lots and lots and lots of cheesecake… It’s my go-to “I want to curl up in the fetal position and cry like a little bitch” food…

Belly Button in or out?:  still fucked up…

Gender:  boy!

What I miss:  my delusions of making it to 37 weeks…

What I am looking forward to:   next week’s U/S where they will tell me that being a lazy couch potato has increased my cervix length and I get to stay pregnant!

Weekly Wisdom:  you have big babies! This is good though! you want a big baby!

Symptoms: BH’s; some contractions (like every couple of days); nausea; tired as shit!