How far along? based on U/S today 30+2; babe is still measuring ahead by about a week- big babies, I has em!

Bedrest so far: one week “rest at home”; starting today “rest at home or we put you in the hospital”

Total weight gain/loss:  didn’t get weighed this week

G.D. : sugars have been slightly higher due to the lack of activity… that was still apparently too much activity… boourns!

Cervical Length?:  1.7cm… the stitch IS still in!! apparently the U/S tech I had yesterday WAS new and “not very good at U/S” (direct quote from dr. wonderful); I had MY tech today to do another U/S;  My cervix IS still opening, but if I’m resting the way I should- doc is confident he can get me at least 4 more weeks. Babe is ready to go, head down- poking my cervix with his hands even! It’s all touch and go from here to see if I can get this little bugger to cooperate and stay put for at least four more weeks!

Labor signs: I have the odd contraction and the twinges I’ve been feeling are babe poking at the stitch and my cervix. Babe is head down and as far down as he can get right now. My cervix is opening slightly, and there is a chance my water may break because of it- I’m not to panic if I lose my mucous plug, just rest more- but if I’m contracting or my water breaks- go directly to hospital, do not pass go- do not collect $200…

Medications?: prenatals; my iron has been better so we’re forgoing the iron supplements for now unless that changes- we’ve got to balance the difficulty in pooing (which puts pressure on the stitch) with the risk of me having low hemoglobin.

Sleep:  more than I ever wanted… I nap a lot! There’s not a whole lot else to do at this point.

Best moment this week: being thanked by my usual tech, and again by the doc for bringing their attention to the other tech’s shortcomings. I can’t take the credit though. It was my husband. He worried about how stressed out I was after yesterday’s debacle, and called the clinic this morning. They told him to have me come in early this afternoon. I literally had a panic attack (thanks a bunch to the staff at the hospital back in Mb who treated me so horrifically I now have symptoms of PTSD and panic attacks when seeking medical care!!!) worrying that the staff would be mad and I would get treated badly.

Worst Moment this week:  the U/S yesterday and worrying myself sick over it.

Movement:  he’s a stitch jabbing little monkey! Lots of kicks and wiggles too!

Food cravings/aversions:   chinese food…. mmmmmmmm

Belly Button in or out?:  more in this week since little man turned down- it looks like my whole belly shrunk a bit

Gender:  boy!

What I miss:  I miss shopping….

What I am looking forward to:   making it at least four more weeks!!

Weekly Wisdom:  it’s better to “inconvenience” someone than it is for you to panic and stress and possibly hurt yourself physically. – my husband discussing his reasons for calling the clinic

Symptoms: BH’s; some contractions (like every couple of days); nausea; tired as shit!