How far along? 31 weeks

Bedrest so far: two weeks- yay me! I’m not in the hospital!

Total weight gain/loss:  I’m up a whole .44lbs… (converted from Kg) for a total gain of approximately 3.5lbs

G.D. :  sugars are doing good; have had a couple slightly high readings which is to be expected due to the whole bedrest thing… if things continue as they are now, I may just be able to avoid insulin! woot!!

Cervical Length?:   no measurement for this week- I go on Tuesday for another U/S to measure the length and check the “beaking” (not quite funneling, but close); been having a lot more discharge this week, so I’m not expecting things to be great.

Labor signs: some pretty nasty contractions, but nothing regular. I’m almost certain that my mucous plug is going to make an appearance any day now- I’ve had an increase in mucousy discharge so there’s definitely something going on down yonder…

Medications?: prenatals

Sleep:  naps… lots and lots of naps… even at night. I find that I sleep well for a few hours at a time, then I need to pee, then I’m usually hungry, then I sleep again… I’m like an infant- eat, sleep, pee (because I can hardly poop to save my life…)

Best moment this week:  Reading up on NICU stats and how long baby boy would likely be in hospital if he were to come today, tomorrow, next week, three weeks from now, etc… It made me feel better because I was expecting it to be a lot longer than it will probably be! And I always tend to feel better when I’m well informed about things, it enables me to plan a lot better, and I’m a planner!!

Worst Moment this week:  the 1/2 hour of 3-5 minute contractions… scary and hurty!

Movement:  seems he’s starting to get a little cramped and/or going through a growth spurt- I’m still getting lots of movement, but not quite the humdinger kicks like I was getting last week.

Food cravings/aversions:   I wants me some chocolate in the worst way…

Belly Button in or out?:  we have reverted once more to the mangled innie… little man has dropped a little bit more, and so my belly is almost deflated looking a bit…

Gender:  boy!

What I miss:  being able to pick up Gremlin for hugs… she is not coping well with me not being able to lift her…

What I am looking forward to:  being done… of having my little family all home and being able to just enjoy life without all the stress and drama that is high-risk pregnancy…

Weekly Wisdom:  I got nothin

Symptoms: BH’s; some contractions; nausea; tired as shit!