So I totally missed a week, but I’m beginning to think I’m the only one who actually reads these things… it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things… in un-gestating-related news, it is hot as demon balls up in my little corner of the woods, and therefore I am probably a bit of an ungrateful cunt vis-a-vis this pregnancy continuing.

How far along? depends who you ask. as of Tuesday, the dating the tech used had me at 35+0; by ovulation I was 34+6; the antenatal nurse had me at 33+5; I don’t actually have any idea what date the doc is going by anymore, and I’m still seeing the fill-in doc for now… I figure I’ll have a better idea when the doc’s office FINALLY calls me back letting me know what date my c-section is booked for. Doc said she was going to get it booked for 39 weeks.

Bedrest so far: still on bedrest… apparently it’s working, because despite the cramping/contractions on and off and cervical twinges and back ache from h-e-double-hockeysticks, there’s been no change in my cervix… hooray for prodromal labour!

Total weight gain/loss:  I actually gained!! after a loss of 1lb at last weeks appt, I’ve managed to gain that lb back plus 1 for a total of about 5lbs gained!! go me!!

G.D. : my sugars have been fine, but I did have sugar in my urine at my last appt. doc doesn’t seem concerned though- she figures it is very likely due to the fact that it’s hotter than a well-worked stripper pole in vegas, and so I’m sweating like a mo-fo, and even though I’m drinking copious amounts of water, it’s entirely possible that I am suffering from mild dehydration- you can only drink so much water and realistically with the heat what it’s been, the only way to FULLY prevent even mild dehydration at this point would be with IV fluids…

Cervical Length?:  still sitting at 1.7cm; babe’s head is still sitting on the stitch, and there’s some mild funneling/beaking with what looks like the membranes encroaching into the space; the consensus is that if I were to go into actual LABOUR instead of this practice shit, my water will break first… this actually makes me happy- it will be nice to have a clear-cut indicator of impending labour instead of contractions that fizzle out after going to the hospital for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks like last time. I was informed though, that if I am contracting 5mins apart or less to get my ass to the hospital and make it VERY clear that I have an abdominal stitch; ditto if I experience any leaking of fluid… even if I think it might just be pee.

Labor signs:   hooray for prodromal (aka “false”) labour… I get contractions on and off, they come regular for a bit, then slow down, my back hurts like someone punched me several times, I get twinges through my cervix and anus, shooting pains through my thighs every once in a while, I get diarrhea one day, then don’t poo for two days… and standing makes me want to die from the pressure of little man being so far down.

Medications?: prenatals, and back on the iron pills again…

Sleep:  I sleep a lot!!! It seems that’s all I do a lot of days… sleep, get up to pee, sleep some more, snuggle baby kitties, get up to pee, kick playing kitties out of my bed so I can sleep, go pee, watch some TV, get up to pee, sleep…. I snuggle sweet baby girl too- she’s been just chock-full of snugglies!!

Best moment this week: finding out that my section is being booked for term!! No one- not me, not my doc, NO ONE thought I would even make it to 35 weeks- in fact, my doc fully intended to section me between 33-35 weeks way back when he put the stitch in!! To have made it this far, every week from here on out is total gravy!! And despite being exceptionally uncomfortable, I’m also exceptionally overjoyed to know that I won’t be having a drawn-out nicu stay!! (at most, if babe was to come today, we’d maybe have a couple of days!!)

Worst Moment this week: flying PMG out to live with her father. It was an extremely difficult decision, but ultimately it was the best decision for our entire family. I’m handling the placement much better this time than last- I think it very likely has to do with the fact that I can’t physically see the squalor she’s living in, and so I can assume she’s telling me the truth when she says things are fine. I do know that she called me first thing this morning- she arrived last night- and seems to really miss Gremlin; it makes me sad, but it’s one of those things that we all just need to get through. I honestly hope with all my heart that she can be happy out there; for several months she’s been miserable here, believing that life in asshole-ville is a fucking picnic and so much better than living here.

Movement:  slowing down a bit- I’ve got another big baby on board (measuring 37+weeks) who’s very very long… so he’s running out of room pretty fast!!

Food cravings/aversions:   rueben sandwiches; I had hubby pick me up supplies to make them and have had three just this past week…. mmmmmmm

Belly Button in or out?: it’s this weird flatness with a little kind of “lip” on top…

Gender:  definitely boy… little bugger has NO problem flashing his junk- we STILL haven’t gotten a good face shot of the little bugger in TWELVE stinkin u/s.

What I miss:  I miss normal summer temperatures. It’s not supposed to be this hot and humid up in the Alberta- it feels like I never left Manitoba; and I don’t have bloody AC out here since everyone told me we wouldn’t bloody need it…. well, I’m 8 goddamn months pregnant and it’s hotter than Robert Downey Junior’s ass in prison and I am fucking broke as shit so I can’t afford a damn air conditioner, without which I think I might just friggin die!!!

What I am looking forward to:   autumn… god I want normal temperatures again… and to not feel like I’m sitting in a sauna all day, every day… I don’t even LIKE saunas!!!

Weekly Wisdom:    I got nothing…. it’s too hot to breathe dammit, let alone THINK!!

Symptoms: BH’s, irritability, weepiness, exhaustion, starving all the time, but too much baby to eat a lot, sore, tired, bitchy, pelvic pressure from hell, cervical twinges, MORE nausea…..