I’m typing this on an iPad, so it won’t be my regular, long-winded drivel this time.

How far along? 35+

Bedrest so far:  too damn much… Honestly, this shit is getting old. It doesn’t help that I’ve been patiently waiting for my section date, they have temp/new staff at my ob’s office right now and the stupid twats didn’t even book it yet! Fucking useless… They also haven’t given me updated copies of my records since I was in hosp… Even though I’ve asked for them every week since then… I STILL don’teven know if my GBS came back positive! And I get to have another next week regardless…lucky me! I mean, come on, who DOESN’T love having their anus swabbed?

Total weight gain/loss: lost again this past week… Net gain 3lbs

G.D. : as suspected, the ridiculous heat was playing into the sweetness of my urine…Sugar levels are good and my urine was just fine this week…

Cervical Length?:  no idea… Doesn’t really matter at this point… We’re playing “wait and see”… If I have any bleeding-get my ass to the hosp. Ditto for signs of impending labour…. Just what the woman with PTSD needs to hear when she’s terrified to go to the hospital for signs of impending labour!

Labor signs:   Lots… Got myself a good case of prodromal again…. Will contract every 5-7 mins for an hour, then slow down to every 7-10 for an hour, pick up again for half an hour… Slow down again for a bit…I’ve been getting sleep in 2-3 hour patches

Medications?: prenatals, and back on the iron pills again, I’ve also had to start taking tums for occasional heartburn, Tylenol for the ridonkulous friggin back pain, and I take a colace about once a week for poos that seem to alternate between rock hard, fist-sized chunks and liquid napalm…

Sleep:  in shitty little 2-3 hour chunks… It fucking blows

Best moment this week:  having several people compliment us on how well behaved our just-turned two year old Gremlin is. The shock when they find out she is in fact JUST two (as of Tuesday) and not 3 or even close to it, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Worst Moment this week:  dealing with shit staff who don’t know wtf they’re doing at my ob’s office. And with him actually gone right now, there’s shit-all I can do about it. They seem to have this lazy dogfucker attitude (maybe cuz they’re mostly temps?) and if you complain they just cop attitude like they “know” you couldn’t do any better….Except in my case I know i CAN do better! I want to just wade through there like a fucking tank bitchslapping people until they get a fucking clue.

Movement:  he’s really running out of room in there. I actually did an extra kick-count today cuz he was so quiet. All is well though! It ended up only taking 20 mins to get 10 movements.

Food cravings/aversions:   Nothing is appetizing to me right now… I’m actually having a hard time eating anything due to the recurrence of epic morning sickness and nausea… Not even the diclectin is helping…

Belly Button in or out?: still some kind of warped looking thing.

Gender:  unless some kind of epic mutation has occurred in the last week, he’s still a boy.

What I miss:  I  miss NOT having almost constant contractions. BH’s I can deal with, contractions that wrap you in a bear-hug of pain, not so much. Also, contractions when there is a stitch in the way are REALLY fucking painful! In ways I can’t even really describe… It’s worse than labour… Seriously. I have actually laid awake at night HOPING the goddamn stitch would just give out so I can have this over and done with.

What I am looking forward to:   C-section. Tolerable pain and sleepless nights…

Weekly Wisdom:  lets make sure we get this section booked this week, i’ll make a note to  talk to dr. Awesome when he gets back to see if he wants to bump it up. – this from the OB currently covering for my usual OB. She’s pretty great, but you can tell she’s a bit out of her element with me, and the staff obviously pretty much ignore her when she tells them to do shit and just do whatever the fuck they feel like, which is mostly sitting around on their asses romancing the pooch.

Symptoms: pain, pain, some more pain… N/V, exhausted, whiny (as if you couldn’t tell), cranky…