So for someone who writes a blog and pretty much talks about herself all the time, I can never think of what to say to actually describe “me”. I am a short, fat, married momma of soon-to-be four (one babe in heaven), and one furbaby. I live in rural redneck Alberta, Canada (recently displaced from Manitoba- praise be!). I have an awesome job as a medical receptionist and a second full-time job dicking around on Facebook. I’m a terrible blogger, have abominable language (I called myself PottyMouth for a reason!!), but some think I’m clever and funny, and I keep trying so that I can feel their adulation. Because that’s really what this is about isn’t it- finding like-minded souls to tell you you’re not a complete freakin loser! and even if you are- that’s ok!! I’m a loser too!! 😀 Welcome, and enjoy. And if you don’t enjoy- feel free to find the exit!! 😛


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