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Been feeling nostalgic as of late, and ended up on the old blog. Saw this hanging out in the drafts – decided to publish. Three and a half years later, living across the country, only working part -time in a completely unrelated field – I still hate training people!


Training sucks… training someone who is a complete and utter newb and has never done the job she’s hired for (and nothing even similar) is almost frickin impossible for me. I’ve been trying to stay positive and think “No experience= no bad habits”… but I thought wrong. It seems that our new employee is picking up bad habits left and right- I feel like I’ve spent as much time correcting stuff she’s doing wrong, even after having taught her how to do it right, as I have spent teaching her how to do our job. After three weeks training, she STILL can’t manage to be assertive with our patients and almost constantly looks to either I or the other employee (the employee whose job I filled when she moved, she’s been helping cover since my surgery, and is helping train the new girl) for guidance when handling phone calls. Granted, it can be hard if you’re not an assertive person, but the cold hard truth of the matter is, if you give lab results over the phone- it is a breach of confidentiality and it is ILLEGAL!! You can be fined, lose your job and/or be sued. In most cases, people in Canada can’t be bothered to sue other people, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. In any case- YOU DO NOT DO IT. period. no questions. no ifs ands or buts. no exceptions!!

And yet, at least 1 in 3 patients will try to get their lab results over the phone.  They will cajole, and whine, and bargain. They will out and out LIE and say “well so and so did it for me”. And almost every single time, our new staff member will put said patient on hold and ask or look for reassurance to say “no”. She’s an adult. She’s older than me even! She should not need approval to DO HER JOB!!

I, of course, am cranky, hormonal, and NOT good at training other people in the slightest. I have a hard time understanding that it takes people longer to “get” stuff than I do. I expect other people to have an easy time with my job, just because I do. Granted, I am somewhat over-educated for my job, and I do have the benefit of being a fast learner. I pick up on things exceptionally quick. But in MY defense, there is a certain point where someone being trained has to take charge of their OWN learning and take some initiative, like when it’s suggested that you take some time on your own to learn a bit of medical terminology- you work in a medical office- you should DO it!! When the office manager asks you to do a task, or asks you a question- if you don’t know the answer, don’t just pass it on to the next person!! Figure it out! If there is a language barrier and you don’t understand what someone is saying- don’t ask someone else to try and interpret what you THINK you heard- ask the person to repeat what they said, and clarify!!!

As it stands right now, I am just so frustrated! Hubs right now has told me to just call it quits. He says the stress is just not worth it. Dr. Magnificent, the OBGYN is already exceeding his original estimate of having me off at 20 weeks- I’ll be just over 21 weeks by the time I even see him next Tuesday. I don’t want to go on medical leave yet. I was hoping to make it to at least June before having to take early maternity leave. *whine whine whine* *bitch bitch bitch*

Ah… what to do!!!


Combo feeding is HARD!!! It takes 3 times as long to feed my boy than if I “picked a side”, so to speak. So I did… BFAR fail, once again. Anyone wanna buy a barely-used hospital-grade pump???

Otherwise, despite an epic infection that had me on 3 days IV antibiotics and 10 days oral, recovery from my c-section is going great! I feel great and baby boy is an awesome baby!! He really is everything I could ever have asked for! He ended up spending a total of 9 days in the NICU, we brought him home last Wednesday.

I must say it’s certainly been an adjustment. Gremlin is full-on into the terrible twos. It’s been a pretty steady stream of screaming, kicking, flailing temper tantrums from her for about three days now. She loves her brother and wants to help out so much. We let her do what she can, but she’s gotten really impatient and has regressed pretty badly in her vocalization. Where she used to ask so nicely for things, she’s been doing the scream and point a lot more this week. I’m hoping things settle down soon- could be wishful thinking though, since we’ve just completed the master bedroom floor and therefore will be moving back up to the main floor from our basement for sleeping. eek!

As far as the difficulties go though, it really isn’t so bad. I’m tired, still slightly sore, but I have a huge help in having my husband home, a once-a-week house cleaner, and a really content, easy baby.

I’ve also had a lot of success as far as my weight-loss goes. I was “banded” in March of 2011, and had lost a fair bit of weight before getting pregnant, about 35lbs from my heaviest weight. Well, I’m thrilled to say that I’m now at the lowest weight I’ve been in about 4 years. I’ve still got about 45lbs until my pre-marriage weight, and 90lbs before I’m at my ‘goal’. I almost crapped my pants when I stepped on the scale today, I was honestly half-expecting to see an increase in my weight- even though I can see the visible differences the loss has made. My face is less full, my wedding ring even is fitting different. I’m still all jello-y and post-partum doughy round the middle- but I’ll take it!!

I am typing this on my phone so it’s gonna be short. I have been upgraded to a lovely suite in the hosp. After yet another fail-trasound wherein no accurate measurement was taken but a whole crap tonne of cramping ensued, my hubby again stepped in and dragged my arse to the hospital. I proceeded to have a Full-on shitstorm of a panic attack, so he then called my doc to back him up. I got to hang out in assessment for a bit and then the really nice resident told me that after speaking with my ob, they were going to keep me. No word yet on how long, I’m to have a proper u/s tomorrow to see how things are looking. But my ob’s an early bird who does rounds at asscrack dawn, so I’d better try and get some shuteye. 

Delivering 2 weeks before your due date does not make your baby “early”… it makes your doctor wrong about your fucking due date! Morons!!!

*yes I am cranky

**yes I have been spending time on godawful pregnancy forums again… even though I know better

** makes for blog fodder though… and at least most of the girls in my “birth month club” are not complete douchemonkeys…

***note that I said MOST- there’s a couple I wouldn’t mind adding to the “shovel list”

****Yes, I now have a *list* of people I would like to “landscape” with… see previous post to find out what the hell I’m talking about… yes that was totally a shameless plug to make *people* read more…


Apparently I have issues with real-estate agents…
We’ve had three realtors in our house this past week to get it assessed for sale- the most recent I had met with previously at an open house of another house similar to ours (I was scoping the competition). She seemed really positive and even asked to come see our house whether or not we decided to list this year or wait until next spring. So I was kind of excited to have her come check us out, so to speak. Well, what a friggin let down!!!
She told us that she’d get the market analysis to us by the end of the next day (she came late morning, so she really had almost 2 days)… she never got back to us. Until three days later when she called and told us she wanted us to list at about 20K less than the next lowest realtor’s assessment. Now, the key is, we bought this house a year ago. It was a huge mess!! We had to do electrical, flooring, completely gut two rooms and some cosmetic work. We haven’t finished everything- we walked into a much bigger job than we thought we were getting into! We thought the work this house needed was just cosmetic, and unfortunately our inspector totally let us down when we were counting on him to REALLY inspect the place since we were living across the country and couldn’t actually SEE the place ourselves. But all the BIG jobs are done. So here this woman comes in KNOWING what we paid a year ago, KNOWING the amount of work we’ve put in- and she wants us to LIST the house for a measly 10K more than what we paid!! um, excuse me?? at that rate I’m not even going to pay off my mortgage after closing costs and paying her fee- NEVERMIND the amount of money I’ll have lost putting the work into this stupid house!!! Even if someone paid FULL list price I would be taking a huge loss!!! And her reasoning is because we haven’t done any landscaping!!! Are you fucking kidding me??? I know curb appeal is important- but it’s not worth 20freakingthousand dollars!!!!! I told my husband- I’ll do some landscaping- *I’ll club that woman over the head and bury her in my backyard!!! argh!!!
*disclaimer: obviously I would never ACTUALLY club anyone over the head and bury them in my backyard…

How far along? 25 weeks

Bedrest so far: still none, but I was told several times to make sure I was taking it easy and resting lots. 

Total weight gain/loss:  gained a bit of weight since my last OB visit- just under 5lbs; most of which is boobs and baby! :S

G.D. : I have to call in the morning to book my GDS test; I’m expecting it to come back shitty and have to do the 2 hour tolerance test; it all seems kind of pointless to me since I was on insulin for gestational diabetes last time- I fully expect to need insulin again this time too. 

Cervical Length?: so far so good- doc did not perform a check at this appt- but he is ordering yet another U/S to check cervical length.

Labor signs: none so far- lots of Braxton Hicks- nothing too intense

Medications?: prenatals

Sleep: needing lots of pillows to get comfortable these days and feel like I could sleep all day and STILL not get enough sleep. 

Best moment this week: ordering the basement carpet… finishing the sanding in the nursery; choosing a few items to decorate- just need to pick them up… when I get some money finally!!! 

Worst Moment this week:  being asked/ordered by my OB to have betamethasone injections (steroid) to help baby’s lungs develop- he’s not taking ANY chances with me whatsoever, and even though things are going well so far, with my history he doesn’t expect me to go to term, and just to be prepared in any eventuality, he wants me to have the very best chances at having a healthy baby. It’s nice to feel I’m being taken care of, but I hate being reminded that things can still go horribly wrong. I’ve been feeling really good, and so I hate being reminded that no matter how good I feel, I’m still not a “normal” pregnant woman.

Movement:  tonnes and tonnes… very active little bebe. It was actually really strange the other day- our cat is currently pregnant and ready to pop any day- she likes to lay on my belly so I get kicks from my baby on the inside and kicks from her babies on the outside. 

Food cravings/aversions:   Still craving spicy food! and steak. 

Belly Button in or out?: almost flat…

Gender: sweet little man-child…

What I miss:  pina coladas…. I want one with extra rum so friggin bad!! 

What I am looking forward to:  finishing the indoor renos and getting to work on doing some of the landscaping that needs doing… 

Weekly Wisdom:  “I’m not taking any chances with YOU- you are high risk and I’m going to take care of you.” – my OB this week

Symptoms:  BH’s; sciatica; 

and I just completely blanked out there…. gah I’m so tired!! 

Not much going on here… hubby made brunch (yum!). Chocolate has been consumed… children are hyper from said chocolate consumption. Emilie has learned “pokey” and is now running all over the house giggling maniacally and poking everyone while going “pokey pokey pokey!!”. It’s hilarious!

How far along? 21 weeks 1 day

Bedrest so far: waiting for Tuesday and the next scan to see how the cervix is holding up. As of right now my boss, husband and OB are all leaning towards putting me on leave from work. I had a good little cry about it this weekend, but have started to come around to the idea that it might not be so bad to take the extra time to spend with my girls and my husband preparing for this L.O. At least I won’t be placed on full-bedrest, and so I’ll still be able to live a more-or-less normal life.

Total weight gain/loss:  nothing lost, nothing gained…

G.D. : after this weekend, I cannot guarantee that my sugar levels are *ahem* “optimal”…

Cervical Length?:  hopefully still good… felt some twinges throughout the week, so I’m hoping that Tuesday’s U/S shows no changes.

Labor signs:  just Braxton Hicks and few cervical twinges. Baby’s gone feet-down again and kicking lots so every once in a while I get a jolt through my cervix.

Medications?: prenatals and proferrin when I actually remember to take it; I’ve been neti-potting myself almost every night too due to allergic rhinitis (read: my nose is so congested it’s like trying to breathe through mud… sticky mud).

Sleep: my children are in cahoots against me!! This morning little miss Gremlin woke up at 5am demanding milk and to pet the baby, I was still pretty epically tired and didn’t want to wake the hubs so I grabbed her a cuppy and brought her to bed with me to have a snuggle. 30mins later and she’s starting to doze in my arms, so I poked hubby and asked him to take the little monster to bed. So she woke up again. I said screw it and just kept her there with me… she settled back in and fell asleep beside me, just for her baby brother in-utero to wake up and start kicking up the dickens… So much for sleeping in!!!

Best moment this week:  the pokey wars this morning. I love hearing my girls laughing and playing together.

Worst Moment this week: coming to the realization that I’m probably done working for the remainder of this pregnancy- I love my job and will miss it.

Movement: Tonnes more this week; little man has turned again and his feet & hands are pointing downwards. It’s awesome to feel him moving so much- not so awesome that I’m fighting the urge to piss myself almost constantly. Bladder hating little cretin!!

Food cravings/aversions:   Still wanting seafood!!

Belly Button in or out?:  looking less and less like a belly button! Gremlin is still calling all belly buttons “owies” from when she couldn’t touch my belly button because it was owie after they cut through it.

Gender: to my knowledge, we are still infested with a little man-child.

What I miss:  the feeling of “normalcy” during this pregnancy. I’ve had to embrace the fact that despite everything going well so far, and the TAC is holding well, I am NOT experiencing a normal pregnancy- I am still high risk and have to behave accordingly.

What I am looking forward to:  The next U/S on Tuesday; spending lots of time with my Gremlin.

Weekly Wisdom:  Speaking to my office manager this week about the possibility of going off work- she threatened to call my husband and asked if he agreed with my own assessment about me being just peachy and fine to continue working. She told me that she would be devastated if anything were to go wrong, and that she would feel much better if I was at home and closer to hospital just in case. She reassured me that the office would run just fine without me for now.

Symptoms: the usual… constant need to urinate. movement, BH, etc…

and now for my favorite time of the day!! naptime!!!!