Been feeling nostalgic as of late, and ended up on the old blog. Saw this hanging out in the drafts – decided to publish. Three and a half years later, living across the country, only working part -time in a completely unrelated field – I still hate training people!


Training sucks… training someone who is a complete and utter newb and has never done the job she’s hired for (and nothing even similar) is almost frickin impossible for me. I’ve been trying to stay positive and think “No experience= no bad habits”… but I thought wrong. It seems that our new employee is picking up bad habits left and right- I feel like I’ve spent as much time correcting stuff she’s doing wrong, even after having taught her how to do it right, as I have spent teaching her how to do our job. After three weeks training, she STILL can’t manage to be assertive with our patients and almost constantly looks to either I or the other employee (the employee whose job I filled when she moved, she’s been helping cover since my surgery, and is helping train the new girl) for guidance when handling phone calls. Granted, it can be hard if you’re not an assertive person, but the cold hard truth of the matter is, if you give lab results over the phone- it is a breach of confidentiality and it is ILLEGAL!! You can be fined, lose your job and/or be sued. In most cases, people in Canada can’t be bothered to sue other people, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. In any case- YOU DO NOT DO IT. period. no questions. no ifs ands or buts. no exceptions!!

And yet, at least 1 in 3 patients will try to get their lab results over the phone.  They will cajole, and whine, and bargain. They will out and out LIE and say “well so and so did it for me”. And almost every single time, our new staff member will put said patient on hold and ask or look for reassurance to say “no”. She’s an adult. She’s older than me even! She should not need approval to DO HER JOB!!

I, of course, am cranky, hormonal, and NOT good at training other people in the slightest. I have a hard time understanding that it takes people longer to “get” stuff than I do. I expect other people to have an easy time with my job, just because I do. Granted, I am somewhat over-educated for my job, and I do have the benefit of being a fast learner. I pick up on things exceptionally quick. But in MY defense, there is a certain point where someone being trained has to take charge of their OWN learning and take some initiative, like when it’s suggested that you take some time on your own to learn a bit of medical terminology- you work in a medical office- you should DO it!! When the office manager asks you to do a task, or asks you a question- if you don’t know the answer, don’t just pass it on to the next person!! Figure it out! If there is a language barrier and you don’t understand what someone is saying- don’t ask someone else to try and interpret what you THINK you heard- ask the person to repeat what they said, and clarify!!!

As it stands right now, I am just so frustrated! Hubs right now has told me to just call it quits. He says the stress is just not worth it. Dr. Magnificent, the OBGYN is already exceeding his original estimate of having me off at 20 weeks- I’ll be just over 21 weeks by the time I even see him next Tuesday. I don’t want to go on medical leave yet. I was hoping to make it to at least June before having to take early maternity leave. *whine whine whine* *bitch bitch bitch*

Ah… what to do!!!