Well- my cycle is still fucky- but apparently that’s nothing to worry about and I DID in fact, ovulate last cycle. (hooray!)

The decision now is to try three more months with the current protocol and if all goes according to plan I will never have to see that condescending prick again… (even if we were planning to have another pregnancy I would just have to give the ‘scrip to my OB to copy the “template” as doc asshole likes to call it).

We HAVE made the decision though to skip November and December’s cycles, and start again in January. To be truthful I made the decision to skip those cycles and convinced my husband to agree with me. I do NOT want another August due date (I’m crazy, not masochistic) and being a hormonal wreck over Christmas- especially the first Christmas with none of our family around (military family- two units were posted and the parents retired and moved away) just doesn’t appeal to me in any way.

And that’s it… I’ve started the provera again to induce a period- I was GOING to wait- but my body decided to start spotting out of the blue for no reason, so I said fuck it, might as well start the new cycle (it’s not implantation spotting- I don’t ovulate at ALL without medical assistance- and if it just so happened to be some kind of miracle and it IS implantation spotting- well then the provera won’t induce a period and I’ll have to get things checked out).

That is all- please continue on with your own lives… lol… I’m sure they’re much more interesting than mine…